Verandah Music Festival

The Verandah Music Festival brings quirky, beautiful music performed live from verandahs, throughout the picturesque town of Evandale, Tasmania.

25 – 26 Nov 2023

The Strummers on Bob's Verandah.
Jamming on McClintock Verandah

About the Festival

Experience the captivating Verandah Music Festival in Evandale, Tasmania, where quirky tunes and charming ambiance unite. Talented musicians take to the historic village verandahs, enveloping attendees in a vibrant atmosphere. Evandale’s picturesque backdrop, with its scenic surroundings and rich history, enhances the festival’s undeniable charm.

Delighting diverse tastes, the festival offers a line-up that spans various genres, from upbeat and energetic performances to soulful melodies. The intimate and cozy setting of the verandahs adds to the festival’s allure, allowing attendees to leisurely stroll through the village, savouring the music in a relaxed environment.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or seeking a unique cultural experience, the Verandah Music Festival in Evandale promises an unforgettable fusion of music, history, and picturesque beauty that will leave an indelible mark.

Verandah Music Festival 2022 Highlight Videos

2022 Festival Photo Gallery

“I really enjoyed the festival and would love to help out again”

– volunteer, 2020