Quirky & beautiful
Tasmanian music,
on verandahs!
27-28 Nov 2021

The Verandah Music Festival showcases fun and funky music performed live on gorgeous verandahs throughout the picturesque village of Evandale, Tasmania.

The Strummers on Bob's Verandah.
Jamming on McClintock Verandah

How the festival came about

In early 2020, when Tasmania was experiencing its only COVID lockdown, two Evandale families took to their verandahs to share live music with passers-by.

When the lockdown ended they decided the music need not! With the help of a bunch of local volunteers, the Verandah Music Festival was born.

Verandah Music Festival

2021 Festival Lineup!

“I really enjoyed the festival and would love to help out again”

– volunteer, 2020