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VMF Receives Award 2021

How it all began...

The genesis of the Verandah Music Festival was in March & April 2020, when Tasmania was experiencing its only major COVID lockdown. Partly inspired by images of people singing on balconies in Europe, two Evandale families took to their own verandahs to lift the spirits of people passing by. 

The easing of restrictions was celebrated with extra musicians and a small but appreciative audience. This led to the idea of a festival where all the music is played on the gorgeous verandahs that are dotted all around the village. 

The inaugural Verandah Music Festival was held in November 2020 and proved to be a great success – we even won an award! The 2021 festival was also very successful with 40% more attendees. The Verandah Music Festival is now an annual fixture on Evandale’s events calendar.

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About the Verandah Music Festival